Monday, July 21, 2008

There's money in that goo ...

Just came across this paper on photobiological hydrogen production using green alga.

Ok, after being completely stunned by the simple beauty of this process, I immediately came across DIY versions.

My immediate questions are, is anyone doing this on a large scale and if not, why not?

Additional Note =====

As soon as I get home, I come across OpenWetWare and a diagram of a photobioreactor. Later on, I was looking for a book on complex adaptive models and I came across my old Stryers BioChemistry and files of old genetics notes. Hmmm, looks like I've found my new hobby.

So, from now on :-

  • Day Job = printed electronics and interactive books that make you go "wow".
  • Speaking / Writing = underlying processes of innovation & commoditisation and the use of cybernetics in management.
  • Hobby = use of genetic engineering in environmental science.

Bloody hell, talk about a lucky bugger.