Saturday, July 19, 2008

For the people, by the people ....

The old battleaxe, Ann Widdecombe, has been defending the rights of MPs to get a living wage. Apparently contrary to current reports, not all of them are the snout troughing layabouts we've been led to believe and her concern is that if MPs aren't rewarded properly then we might end up with a lower quality of MP.

I suspect that a £60,000 a year salary seems a handsome reward to most people (it's almost three times the national average). I can only guess that Ann is concerned that we could end up with "poor" people applying to become snout troughers, probably ending up even more lazy and fat than Dave "Druggy" Cameron says they are.

Dave is a a man of the people (well, those who went to Eton and Oxford) and he has been getting to to grips with social issues by lambasting the poor. The faintest whiff of research (instead of Ganja) shows that the lack of social mobility is the problem. The poor can't solve that issue themselves, except in large enough numbers and with sharp enough pitchforks.

Even a simpleton can understand that in today's Britain it's not your ability that matters but who your parents are. Maybe it is time to dust off our own battleaxes; it looks like we do need some new blood in the house of commons.