Monday, July 21, 2008

Smart move ... almost.

Thanks to Tony Lucas for spotting this announcement by 10Gen that they have open sourced their platform as a service technology. Overall it's a move in the right direction but alas somewhat spoiled by ... AGPL.

I'm sort of hoping that Tony and the crowd at Flexiscale make a move into the open source space with an entire GPLv3 stack. They're smart cookies and it can't be long before we see someone make a move and back it up with a partner programme.

Someone, somewhere will make a play to grab the market.

Economically it makes sense, but this is a point of disagreement between myself and James Governor. Will utility computing markets form around open sourced standards? James makes a valid point about consumers choosing proprietary technology but my view is the shift from a product to a service based economy for ubiquitous activities will change this.

Until that time, I suspect that James will continue to cheekily (geddit?) call me the *AAS master. Of course should I be right then there will be no end to my "young padawan" references.

Only time will tell.

Patience, ....