Monday, July 14, 2008

Amphilab is born ....

Well, Manolis (of bLink fame) and I have just formed a company to look at commercialising technology in the physical / digital interaction field.

So what does that mean? Printed electronics, books with hyperlinks and everyday objects which do extraordinary things.

I'll be wrapping up my long running talks on utility computing at CloudCamp, finishing with my over extended stay in the world of Enterprise 2.0 at MashUp and saying a fond farewell to Web 2.0 at Singularity. From now on, it's a step out of the mainstream and back into the brave new world of Spimes.

I couldn't be happier.


Composing said...

Wow! That is awesome .... did you *know* Manolis before and plan this for a long time or was it spur of the moment after your experiments a couple of weeks ago?

Looking forward to hearing more.

Anonymous said...


I'm excited that you're doing it but gutted that I'm not :-)

Looking forward to reading more


swardley said...

Hi Phil,

Fabrication technology and the commoditisation of manufacturing processes (along with IT) has been a long time passion of mine (about a decade). It's one of the subjects I talked about a EuroFoo '04 & '06.

I've been looking for the right opportunity to get back into the field, and I was put in contact with Manolis via a friend in the open source community with whom I was discussing GPLv3 / AGPL issues in utility computing.

That's serendipity for you.

swardley said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks, much appreciated ... I'll post how it goes.


Simon W

Unknown said...

Hi Simon - good news of making your passion into an enterpreneurial action - good luck.