Thursday, January 31, 2008

A short but long interlude

For the last few weeks I've been buried in research. So today, I thought I'd take a break and make a quick video about my areas of research. Unfortunately, I started with my previous talks and extended from there.

So my quick introduction rapidly turned into 600 slides and lasts over an hour.

Well, it's all very rough but then again it was supposed to be a break from my research. So I've posted the video here today.

What does it cover? All the usual from commoditisation to commodification, from innovation to organisation, from XaaS to agile development, from broadcast media to politics and from P2P to 3D printing.


Michael White said...

"Insightful" is the perfect word to describe this wonderful writing of yours. The artistic blend of this subject with your tone of writing made this a great read. Much love 😘.
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Jim Rhodes said...

Short but long? That's weird. Read about dissertation proposal writing later. You might need that.