Monday, January 07, 2008

Going, going ... moved on.

Brian Suda has just sent me a link to Chris Anderson's keynote at Nokia World 2007 on his upcoming new book "Free".

According to Brian, 'the whole talk is about "free" which is basically commoditization, where things become so cheap you can just ignore and waste it'.

Chris apparently also explores 3D printing, the commoditisation of the manufacturing process and the explosion of choice for end users. This naturally piqued my interest seeing that I've long held similar views.

After watching I can certainly say, it's well worth a look. Chris goes into examples of web services becoming a commodity, the need for a focus on the attention economy, the importance of reputation and how commoditisation will lead to further innovation. He even uses an example of how music performers should give away their music for free and generate revenue from performances.

All of this is stuff I'd agree with. I'd really like to say this is exciting and new, but to be honest having spoken on similar subjects myself it all feels a bit old hat, despite it being well presented. Everywhere I look I now see articles on XaaS, commoditisation, 3D printing and portability between services (i.e. patration or software fluidity).

These subjects have all gone mainstream now, so it's a good thing I've moved on to a new hobby.