Monday, June 09, 2014

On capabilities

Jay Fry is doing a grand job of tweeting some choice quotes from the Gartner CIO survey. I've already commented on the 'top ten challenges for I&O leaders' but this is another scorcher.
Ok, here's my problem with the quote. Unless you've mapped out the environment and created a meaningful strategy based upon this and gameplay then how do these companies know what capabilities they'll need

I more than understand that most strategy is simply 'backward causality' (i.e. copying others) and hence if you produce a list based on this - digital first, agile, big data, cloud, social media etc - then you can come up with a fairly uniform list of missing skills. But this doesn't mean you actually need those capabilities. It's more than likely that any strategy based upon 'what 67% of other generals do' is the wrong strategy.

In fact, I have quite a bit of evidence to point to this and how lack of situational awareness (a key element to strategic gameplay) is correlated with poor market performance (see figure 1)

Figure 1 - Market Cap impact of Strategic Gameplay

So, how exactly do these CIOs know what capability they need? Certainly the list of top ten challenges doesn't give me confidence or maybe I just inhabit a completely different world.