Sunday, March 01, 2009

When the going gets rough ...

I was recently asked what legislation do we need to control the shenanigans in the financial community. As far as I'm concerned we've got plenty.

Over the last decade much has been done to push forward the ideologies of monetarism with numerous threats made that excessive regulation would force Banks and certain industries to leave our shores. The reckless continuation of monetarist dogma has led to this debt fuelled society and the resultant serious damage to property and harm caused to the public.

The act of threatening or actual harm in order to further an ideology is amply covered by the anti-terrorism laws of 2000 & 2001. Under these laws the Government has the right to seize any cash or assets which are either connected to or have been obtained through threats and acts related to the pursuit of such an ideology.

As far I can see, this includes Sir Fred's pension.

Well, that's what the pirate in me says we should be doing.