Monday, March 30, 2009

Cloud Computing Expo

Checked into the hotel, finished my presentation and went to look at the room that I'll be speaking in tomorrow.

Alas it's in the middle of nowhere and it looks like it has enough space for twenty five people. The old adage of swinging a cat comes to mind.

It's somewhat tiny compared to the audiences we get at CloudCamp. Still, it'll be fun speaking with a more intimate audience. Considering all the brouhaha that SYS-CON has recently caused, especially with Aral, it makes me wonder whether this part of the trip wasn't wasted.

As for the conference itself, well it's a pleasant enough environment but there really isn't much happening in the cloud. The most exciting developments seem to be about who has joined or not joined various manifesto efforts.

I have to feel a bit sorry for Reuven, he's taken a lot of stick for trying to get a group of companies work together around standards in the cloud. The manifesto may not be that open or have involved the community that well, but still the intention is right.

Hopefully, Web 2.0 Expo will be much better but I think after this, with the exception of OSCON, I'll try sticking to U.K. based conferences.