Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Something most foul ...

I don't appreciate being told what to do or being nannied over my excess weight, however I do appreciate being given clear information in order to make sensible choices.

I mention this because the Tory party has not only been berating people for carrying a few extra pounds, but has also joined forces with the Food and Advertising Industry in order to remove the traffic light system for food labelling. This simple system provides consumers with easy to read information about a food product and whether it contains high, medium or low levels of fat, saturates, sugars and salt.

Instead the industry favours a system of unreadable and potentially confusing percentages. This is no surprise as it's the governments job to make sure we get clear information and the role of advertisers to convince us to buy stuff. By hook or by crook or as I like to call it, the lynx effect - we suggest you'll attract beautiful women, we deliver a dubious whiff.

Now a "dubious whiff" is by pure coincidence an apt description of these recent Tory policies, however when it comes to helping the elderly rich in favour of the poor, well that's downright rancid.