Friday, August 15, 2008

E2.0 - it's all about centralisation then ...

"unlike a wiki, I will be vetting this list to ensure quality" - poor old wikipedia.

Jeremiah shows us how to use non-collaborative and non-participatory techniques to create a list of who's who's in the use of collaborative and participatory technology in the enterprise.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Enterprise 2.0 concepts have been used in anger for the last eight years or so (though it only got the name recently). Many of the really interesting questions have been raised and explored, however there remains a lot of unknowns particularly from the issues of what an organisation actually is. Unfortunately the field is now a "hot" topic, and so as with the cloud computing field there are lots of turf wars.

Now it's completely reasonable for analysts, such as Jeremy, to have a personal interest in placing themselves at the centre of a field. Creating a "who's who" list is a tried and tested method of doing this. However, as with "cloud computing", vendor and analyst interests are not necessarily the same as yours and so it really should be the community of users who decide.

That is the point of collaboration and participation after all.