Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's your perfect job?

Recently, I was asked the question: "if you went back to working for a company, what would be your ideal or perfect job?"

Obviously this will change with time, but today it would be a role which played to my strengths and interests both in management, strategy, innovation and commoditisation. So I wrote down my perfect job and discovered that it doesn't exist ... yet.

To make matters more complicated, the two roles it would work alongside - Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Planning Officer - are rare themselves.

Fortunately for me, the life of a freelancer is one that you create yourself. It's less of a job and more of a lifestyle. If you want to find out more about Going Solo, then I'd recommend attending Stephanie Booth's conference.

Still, at least it's interesting to know what it would be. What's your ideal or perfect job?


vinman said...

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Jim Rhodes said...

I don't know for sure. I need to think about it. And you need to read these argumentative essay topics now. Okay?