Monday, April 14, 2008

Sparta ....

I wasn't going to post any more on this subject, that didn't last!

I believe that not open sourcing the entire GoogleAppEngine stack is a tactical gamble because there exists the danger of a proprietary cloud. This is an interoperability disaster that could threaten the entire freedoms which have been established on the internet.

Is it going to happen? It can only happen if:-

  • companies and people are short-sighted and gullible enough to fall for it.
  • a big enough player releases a proprietary software stack which meshes together multiple data centres and even devices into a single P2P cloud controlled by their software stack.

Well, Microsoft is releasing some new cloud service. Fingers crossed that it's not heading down the path to some proprietary P2P cloud. Let's hope they will be releasing an open SDK equivalent or even better, open sourcing their stack.