Monday, April 07, 2008

Meeting new people ...

I gave a talk last week on innovation and commoditisation to a small group at dunnhumby. It was a great opportunity to discuss a number of concepts with experts from another industry. They certainly raised some interesting and very valid points.

Anyway, I've made a video of the presentation (it's a slightly modified version from the original and as usual I've had to record some audio with just me speaking at home. No atmosphere and without a proper microphone - the audio is a bit pants. I was also a bit tired, when I get a moment I'll probably redo this.).

It covers many of the usual subjects but with a few new additions. The themes are:-

  • commoditisation
  • commoditisation of IT (for example SOA, SaaS etc)
  • innovation
  • how stuff happens
  • why nothing is simple in management
  • the different life-cycles of an activity
  • the need for different project methodologies
  • the problem with outsourcing
  • organisation and enterprise 2.0
  • my research into business process modelling
  • predictions for the future

Managing a complex world (45 mins)

20th October 2015

The original video was on blip which stopped their consumer service. So, I've reloaded the original to youtube.