Friday, October 12, 2007

Ah, the joys of research ...

I'm doing some research at the moment and preparation for my web 2.0 talk. As a result, I keep finding all these little gems of videos, slides and so forth.

This video is apparently from a trade marketing manager at Microsoft and has a "we've treated you bad as the consumer, let's bring back the love" theme.

Hmmm, interesting .... the cynic in me notes :-

Does the "advertiser" ...

1. show the need to control the consumer? Yes.

2. justify statements out of concern or love for the consumer? Yes.

3. exhibit shallow charm? Yes.

4. use language designed to make the target feel small, worthless, stupid or partly responsible? Yes (In the case of "bring back the love" the implication is "Let us")

5. show a tendency to blame others? Yes (In this sense there is distancing itself from its own activities through a mocking video).

6. show cycles of fighting and making up? Yes (For example mistreating consumers and then making a video about it to "make up").

7. show behavior which creates a sense of confusion in the target? Yes (For example "I've changed" - is it my fault?).

Overall, these are signs of an abusive personality ... nice video, not so sure about the overall message.