Sunday, April 01, 2007

E-Tech was fab.

As usual E-Tech was an outstanding event - there were some excellent speakers, an interesting crowd and good conversations all round.

I'd like to have seen more, but there is never enough time. The talks I really enjoyed were :-

  • Body Hacking, Quinn Norton. This is a really interesting subject matter, enhancing the human body and the potential social impacts of this. Wonderful.
  • The Making of Virtual Earth, John Curlander. Captivating stuff on how to go about creating entire 3D images of the environment from a mass of 2D pictures. This is definitely one to watch.
  • From Pixels to Plastic, Matt Webb. Well it's Matt and I couldn't miss one of his talks.
  • JavaScript: It's Happening All Over Again! James Duncan. I work with James and so I know the talk, but I do enjoy his presentations and yes JavaScript is very cool.
  • Spintronics, Kevin Roche. Harnessing quantum spin in modern electronics and methods of creating streams of electrons with the same spin. I was stunned by this.
  • Haml: A Semantic Rebellion in Template Land, Hampton Catlin. It's always dangerous to use live demos but building your presentation in your own tool - crazy. It worked, it was great fun and Hampton presents with flair. Shame the room was pitch black.

The list could and should go on, but all I'll say is that if you've not been to E-Tech I would strongly recommend it for next year.

I also gave a talk on commoditisation (with ducks, Zimki and fabbing as usual).

Unfortunately there was a mini gale at the time, so the doors were blasted in on several occasions and also the room was located outside the main area, down a small track, through the woods and past the signs which said "beware of the dragons".

I'm very grateful and extremely surpised that people made the trek. Unfortunately we didn't get many people to sign up for our carbon offset site in Zimki . We'll have to try again later in the year.

Now this is fairly old, but I'd never seen it before until Craig Dwyer pointed it out to me. If you like Lego, you have to watch this.