Monday, February 26, 2007

News on Zimki

I've read a wonderful post by Simon Bisson on The Register on our Yak Shaving theme at FOWA. I'm humbled by the kindness of it.

James has written two excellent articles about the article - understanding the cost of a line of code and FOWA Coverage - of course I believe they are both worth reading as I share the same views.

James and I have been talking about the concepts of commoditisation (both in terms of IT and Manufacturing) for a long time, a reasonable amount of the last six years that we have known each other.

It's good to be finally doing something about it with Zimki and to be in such good company at Fotango. Even if Tom is still annoyed at me about the "Free Tom" bit.

Maybe I should cheekily ask him to do a presentation entitled .... "I am Tom"