Monday, May 20, 2019

A fond and final farewell

It is with great sadness that I write on the sudden and unexpected passing of Martin Burns. Death has become a frequent visitor in my world as of late, each time cruelly taking a friend and in selfish terms, making my life the poorer for it. I will miss Martin, his humour, his graciousness, his willingness to debate, to foil, to challenge, to question and so much more. I will also miss the occasional game of werewolf.

I have many fond memories of Martin, from LASCOT to SAFe, from dinner to party, from that occasional quiet time when we just got to chat. Oh, and chat we would across political spectrums to project methodologies to the Eurovision song contest. We not only agreed but disagreed on many a thing but that was the true magnificence of Martin. We could debate, discuss and always remain friends. Never a cross word, just robust challenge. I will miss that. I will miss his support and his kind words of encouragement.

His jovial smile, his laugh, his mannerism, his character, his love of Scotland, his love of life. I enjoy the memories, I'm sad at the parting and I'm angry. O' Death, get to fuck yer wee man, this was a low blow. But then, that is not Martin. He would celebrate life and I will celebrate his.

I will miss Martin. I will miss a friend.

My thoughts at this time are with Lucy and the family.