Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh, please stop ...

A simple test.

1) Can you describe your user needs for all your lines of business, processes or systems?

2) Can you describe the components that make up those needs and the connections between the components?

3) Do you have some form of mechanism for visualising and communicating this (e.g. a map)?

4) Do you have a means of comparing maps together to remove duplication in the organisation, to challenge bias that exists within group, to help find unmet needs, to combat inertia and to compare with competitors?

5) Do you treat your components individually and understand that one size fits all methods don't work? Do you apply multiple methods? 

6) Do you understand that the components are evolving due to competition and what works today will not be the same tomorrow? Do you understand any map is dynamic and an imperfect representation of reality? Do you understand the very basics of change - componentisation, creative destruction, punctuated equilibrium etc.

7) Do you attempt to alter your map (e.g. use of constraints, opening a field, blocking competition, etc) and observe the impact of what happens?

8) Do you understand what situational awareness is and why it matters?

UNLESS, the answer to all the above is an emphatic YES then please don't waste your time by sending me emails wanting to discuss disruption, ecosystem, platforms, competitive advantage and STRATEGY. These mean different things to you and me.

Instead, if you need help writing your strategy then I've put in considerable effort and prepared you an individual bespoke strategy already in advance.  Just for you - just click this link - and I'll send you on your merry way. Bon Voyage.

PS. If you don't like the strategy, click the link again and it'll magically create you another at no extra charge.

PPS. I have enough to deal with particularly on my latest research project - the clash of nations. There is no shortcut to mapping, you have to learn it and practice.