Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Scenarios

As an exercise, read the following two scenarios and give them both a score out of ten for plausibility of occurring. Did you notice anything?

Scenario 1

CIO: “All systems are operational this morning”

CEO: “Excellent news. Apparently the latest thing is cloud. According to this business magazine report 67% of successful companies are using them. We should look into that”

CIO: “Certainly. The latest research I have says that private clouds are the things to build as they’ve now entered the plateau of performance and provide an extremely efficient mechanism of infrastructure provision over our existing technology.”

CEO: “Excellent work. Well let’s look at getting a private cloud up and running.  We don’t want to be left behind in this technology war.”

Scenario 2

Corporal: “New Cannon arrived, as per orders we installed them and fired them this morning”

General: “Excellent news. According to this article in General’s weekly, over 67% of successful generals bombard hills. Let’s make sure we’re doing that as well.”

Corporal: “Certainly. Our research says the latest things to bombard hills with are mortars, it’s now a mature technology entering the plateau of performance and an extremely efficient mechanism of killing compared to existing technology”

General: “Excellent work. Let's bombard a few hills with mortars then! Don’t want to be left behind in this technology war.”


Ian W said...

I think the General would be more focused on strategic results, and less tolerant of an underling just aiming at hills. Meanwhile, if the systems were running find, I think the CIO would be left alone.

However, I do suspect there are more similarities than differences in the two described!

swardley said...

On average, most people find the second scenario laughable but the first scenario plausible ... in which case you need to ask yourself what is the difference between the scenarios and why do we find the first scenario plausible.

Smith Paul said...

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