Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top tips for start-ups

By popular request, here are Andrey Markov's top tips for startups, as derived from many leading VCs' posts on what makes a successful startup.

P.S. Before taking this seriously, please read the note at the end.

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Top Tips for 99% at least of small startups.

  1. When seeking investment make the founder Geraldine Brooks.
  2. You avoid firing people. But when you're not qualified, the end is the most important thing.
  3. Embrace change. If you are offering to investors hold you pick the MP3 player space, all because you better be afraid as investors are lots of weakness.
  4. Launch into something. Go ahead with this thing. You need to Google, and see the search terms accordingly.

  5. Choose a way everyone knows what's the bat. Have the agility to further understand your team. Know when you need in three years and good long staff meetings that there is now a market.
  6. Become an expert on revenue. It helps to deploy? Understand your product just as you reach them, and maybe also their business plan.
  7. Get a stunning logo or generate feedback; that means engaging a small business advisors. Let your audience in the company, acknowledge them, but avoid defensive responses. Convince the angels of a sign of myself, will you be “Can everyone win this business?"
  8. Good isn't working the performance. "There are the ship keeps moving forward. Otherwise, you'll soon be abroad when the good are offering to clear."
  9. This may make it a Fortune 500 company, and former colleague told me on it. In most budding entrepreneurs, you can. Make the business school code for startup culture: a friend of your team, and cannot stop less than "I have an airline".

In summary, you get experience and torn jeans as you integrate yourself - they needed helping, say, but the early days we didn't tell you so.

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The real shame of this, is it actually makes more sense than some of the stuff I get to read. Special thanks to Doctor Nerve's Markov Text Generator and yes, this is the last one.