Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looking for a good author ...

Manolis is the creator of a piece of technology which turns an ordinary paper book into an interactive experience. I've written about this before but just in case you haven't seen this, I've included a video of me playing with the technology.

I want to be quite clear, this is a paper book which you touch words in and it interacts with your computer. It keeps all the wonderful characteristics of paper whilst gaining all the enjoyment of interaction. I love this concept unlike the Kindle which I think of as a poor excuse for a book.

Unfortunately Manolis' publisher has been unable to find an "absolutely stellar writer to justify the spend" which means the book won't be produced anytime soon.

So I've created a facebook group and I'm looking to find people willing to support this project. I need to be clear that I've worked with Manolis as part of amphilab, I still support him in his goal to find funding and I have a small interest in the company.

Manolis will need:-

  • An outstanding author wanting to write a book which will be blinked.
  • 1,000 people willing to buy the world's first ever truly interactive paper book. It won't be cheap (around £200) but each person will be named in the book and invited to the launch party.
  • Ten companies who wish to buy sponsored links at £25,000. Each link will be a permanent electronic link from the physical book to their web site.

This is what it will take to usher in a new era of interactive books.


Angels said...

very nice idea.. i would like to give my support, you ca e-mail me how can i help..
i'm a writer, currently with a lot of job on my hands, but please contact me if i could help in any way, at least with spreading out the word..

swardley said...

Thanks Angels, I'll send your details onto Manolis.

At this moment, I'm obviously looking to find as many people interested in supporting the creation of this new book as possible. So spreading the word is a definite benefit.

Phoebe Bright said...

Not an idea to start with - but I mentioned this book idea to Jenny Rolfe who wrote a book called Ride from the Heart. This is an ideal type of book to make interactive as it is so hard to explain what she does in words and so much easier to see in moving pictures. Will send a link on to her for future reference.

swardley said...

Thanks Phoebe, much appreciated.

aD76 said...

Why not try getting this up on Boing Boing? I think there readers would really go for something like this. Plus plenty of scifi authors on there including Cory Doctorow.

swardley said...

What an excellent idea, thank you.