Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gang up now before the *aaS cloud gets you

Back in July, I gave a general talk at CloudCamp London on how consumers will need to push vendors towards interoperability and portability in the cloud.

At FOWA during the session on the important bits of cloud computing, a member of the audience - Terry Jones - put a similar question of portability and interoperability to both the speakers and the crowd. I happen to be in agreement with Terry that the consumers of cloud services have an important role to play here and so far have been remarkably silent on the issue.

What I suspect we need is some form of consumer association providing unbiased information and supporting the needs of consumers. Such an association should primarily consist of cloud consumers and to a lesser extent service providers or technology vendors. Well, as a starting point, there is Google Cloud Users group started by Sam Johnston.

Anyway, I've finally got around to creating a video of my talk.

CloudCamp Jul'08 - Gang up now before the *aaS cloud gets you


Anonymous said...

Brilliant once again. You manage to explain complex stuff and the forces that are shaping our world in a very concise and clear way. Chapeaux!

This is why I steal your idea's and explanations for my talks. ;-)

swardley said...


I was utterly delighted when you used similar slides in your fabuluous FOWA presentation.

The truth be told, most of these ideas are very old and have their origin in second sourcing, cybernetics, componentisation and creative destruction.

I claim no credit for these ideas and I'm more than happy for you to mix some of my presentation style with your own.

My own style has developed with the help of others, particular Damian Conway.

One of these days, we'll have to organise a presentation kung-fu conference with people like Damian Conway, Robert Lefkowitz, yourself and Dick Hardt.

Sam Johnston said...

+1 for presentation kung-fu conference.

Thanks for the pointer at the cloud-users group... haven't really focused on this yet but with a gaggle of vendors talking about wanting to be a representative group for users perhaps it's necessary. One thing at a time...


swardley said...

Hi Sam,

It's worth noting that in this shift from a product to a service world, many companies are tying to create "my product as a service" rather than establishing a marketplace of multiple service providers.

This is a hang up from a burned-in product mentality and it will take quite sometime for companies to release that cloud computing will eventually be all about service competition and not feature differentiation and product lock-in.

Until such time, many of the concerns regarding lack of second sourcing options, pricing competition, lock-in and loss of strategic control will remain.

There does need to be a vendor body, but there also needs to be a body to protect the concept of openness and a further body to push consumer concerns.

Product vendors making the shift towards cloud are going to need to be pushed towards portability / standards / interoperability and so forth. That push has to come from consumers and the community.