Friday, October 31, 2008

Blinking cell ...

Need a new watch? Try our bio-watch made from genetically modified cells, powered by photosynthesis, fully biodegradable, 100 year life span and even makes a tasty snack if you're feeling hungry.

Well, we're not quite there yet, but this announcement from UC San Diego is certainly timely news.


Anonymous said...

Swamped, with among other things, trying to launch a serious sponsored blog to promote conversation deep in organizations about "Making Enterprises Sustainable"(TM) the blog topic.

However your "Blinking Cell" post reminds me why I should visit more often. Where other than on "Bits or Pieces" would I find such forward looking nuggets?

I've also been meaning to ask, what's the next trend in collaboration tools that I should be watching?

It took me a year after your first nudge to fully understand why I should be using Twitter. Now I'm wondering, what's next?

Understand you are busy with your latest venture but I welcome a compass point as you can manage.

Best regards.

swardley said...

Hi Jenny,

It's great to hear from you. I will write a proper response to your question soon - I'm having fun and games getting connected to the internet at the moment, so please forgive me for the delay.