Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost .... but not quite

So according to James Urquhart's post, Google App Engine is going to be supporting JavaScript.

Well, it's about time. JavaScript everywhere (browser and cloud side) will open up the framework to a much wider pool of talent.

Well it's a positive move in my book seeing that I've been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt.

The one major downside is that they're not opening up all the other ancillary components of the framework including bigTable. If they did this, then we might actually start to see an ecosystem of providers develop in the cloud.

I might actually find a cloud service that I'm happy with.

Stop dithering ... you're going to have to in the long run.


kentlangley said...

At the moment, a couple of choices Javascript in the Cloud are Jaxer and Axiom Stack.


I'm not a Javascript Guru so I can't really test them as much as I might like. It would be interesting to hear what you think.

Kent Langley

swardley said...

I haven't played with either of these yet, I'll try and find some time in the near future.

First thoughts on Apatan's Jaxer is JS development + cloud environment + open source version = pretty positive news, as long as the GPL version contains all the same primitives and services as their cloud variant.

I'd like to see obviously another cloud provider re-implement it and for simple migration tools to be provided.

As for the the world's first Ajax Server ... well, that's not true by almost 3 years but then you have to forgive the marketing guys.

The really good thing is that Jaxer is licensed under GPLv3 which (assuming the SaaS loophole remains) allows for commercial SaaS providers to make improvements to Jaxer without being forced to release the code back. All Aptana now have to do is try and create an ecosystem and solve the issue of making sure the primitives remain consistent through different providers (this is of course easy).

As for Axiom stack, the feature list is standard fare, however it doesn't seem to have any cloud option and the AGPL license sucks as this will only discourage any possible ecosystem.

So my thoughts are - ReasonablySmart.com looks good.