Friday, June 13, 2008

Silent, Rant ...

Due to work, I've been silent running for the last week, finishing my Enterprise 2.0 and Butler Group talks. Of course, as always happens, I find something really exciting and interesting to look at just as any spare time I thought I had evapourates.
That said, I'm going to make some observations about a couple of random topics that have come up recently:-

  1. Open standards do not provide portability, they provide accessibility to data.
  2. SaaS today is strategically weak in terms of protecting the buyers' interests in regards to monopolistic opportunism, security and effective pricing.
  3. Neither Web 2.0 nor Enterprise 2.0 can be described as innovations today.
  4. Management is not linear but complex. There are no simple methods to management.
  5. Organisations only exist in the interaction between people and activities. Organisations aren't real things.
  6. Simplifying the activities of a company to basic KPIs and dashboards is the equivalent of crippling an organisation in order to allow for easier management.
  7. One of the problems with Enterprise 2.0 is the lack of training for management to deal with a complex (non linear) world.
  8. Increasing connectivity in a social network helps increase resistance to change.
  9. The secret to having a successful innovation is to fail lots.
  10. Not having a process / activity map of an organisation is like not having a map of somewhere you are visiting. Fine for a house, not so good for a country.
  11. You can't map the inside of an uncharted territory until you've started to explore it. The same is true with innovation.
  12. 42 is not the answer to life, the universe and how long the police should be able to detain someone without charge.
  13. [Some additions by Rebecca Caroe]

  14. Web 2.0 bandwaggon-jumping is the single easiest way to erode brand value online if a company doesn't do it right.
  15. Thinking that just because you blog it will make your organisation famous is naieve - your ability to write interesting stuff is the limiting factor PLUS how easy it is to find your writings.