Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 is the new 2 ...

There are three accelerators to change hidden in the concepts commonly associated with web 2.0. These are :-

  • componentisation through the internet as a platform
  • network effects through social networks
  • increasing participation though reducing barriers to entry, collaborative approaches and the levelling of any disparity between opportunity and ability.

I mention this because Salesforce have decided to define Platform as a Service (a term which they coined and used successfully to gain thought leadership on what was already a common concept) as "Web 3.0".

Seeing that the internet as a platform is a key part of web 2.0, this change will just cause confusion and will be of little benefit to consumers. However, it will give the pundits plenty to talk about.

Expect "Process as a Platform as a Cloud as a Service" or PaaPaaCaaS (aka web 4.51 rc 2) soon. Sounds gibberish? It is, and so are these new terms being touted.