Thursday, March 13, 2008

Far from a simple life ...

Yesterday, I spoke and was on the panel at the Butler Group strategy briefing on Enterprise Architecture.

I know that subjects such as Enterprise Architecture, Zachman Frameworks, TOGAF and business modeling are not exactly everyone's cup of tea. I often suspect that this is because of misconceptions about the art. I find the subjects fascinating, illuminating and an essential craft for any business.

The strategy briefing was excellent, there was a wonderful audience and a diverse range of good speakers. Mike Thompson and Mark Blowers were excellent hosts and Ian Charters, of IBM, provided a particularly outstanding talk.

I gave a 40 minute talk on innovation and commoditisation. It was a standard introduction into the subject, but I did get to sneak in a tiny little hint of cybernetics. (I've provided a link to a video of my talk, unfortunately I don't have the audio from the conference itself).

Managing a complex world - from innovation to commoditisation