Monday, February 11, 2008

A break from research ...

I've taken a short break from research, and decided to setup a wiki and have a play with Yahoo's new broadcast service.


Anonymous said...


I've never seen such a load of pretentious, idiotic, naive waffle in my life. Aside from the ubiquitous use of your 'blackboard' curve, you seem to be in need of a healthy dollop of reality (oh, and a spell checker - useability indeed).

The irony is that you seem so far up your own rear end that you can't see how silly the description of 'visionary' is to your trite and useless wafflings

swardley said...

I suppose there is no chance of you actually putting together a coherent argument rather than just childish ad-hominem abuse?

If you are not comfortable with this concept, I've provided a useful link on what an argument is.

Whilst pedantry is the reserve of the small minded, anonymity is the reserve of the weak. So have some belief and conviction with your argument, once of course you have one.

You shouldn't feel the need to hide away.