Sunday, December 16, 2007

SaaS and OSS a natural fit.

An article in talks about SaaS and OSS as a natural fit rather than the SaaS vs OSS debate that some have been peddling.

This is good news.

I also note that Amazon has made the next logical step with SimpleDB - a web service for running queries on structured data in real time.

Apparently SimpleDB "requires no schema, automatically indexes your data and provides a simple API for storage and access." and "you organize your structured data into domains and can run queries across all of the data stored in a particular domain".

Though this is interesting, I would hardly consider it the most revolutionary or seriously disruptive idea, since Libapi (Zimki's predecessor) was doing this circa Dec'05. The next "disruptive" step would logically be an application framework to tie all the bits together.

Any real disruption won't occur until we get an open source environment and an ecosystem of providers e.g. a SaaS and OSS play.

There is still plenty of room for some company to "disrupt" Amazon's new world.


Anonymous said...

Talking of Zimki, have you seen these two new services (both still in beta), and; the spirit of Zimki lives on ...

Anonymous said...

That should have been ....

swardley said...

Hi Tom,

Great to hear from you.

I'd come across AppJet before but I hadn't heard of Heroku.

There are now a number of different FaaS (framework as a service providers) out there from Ning to BungeLabs to AppJet and so on.

I still believe the real game changer will be the one who can create an ecosystem of providers with portability between those providers.