Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hundreds of millions have heard of Google Docs ...

According to this study, 73.2% of Americans have never heard of web based productivity suites like Google Docs.

Hang on, that means 26.8% have!

Now assuming this refers only to the population of internet users, and that you can extrapolate (huge assumption) this figure to the entire continent of 350 million internet users - that means at least 93 million people.

Hang on, now assuming you can extrapolate this (massive assumption) for the rest of the world (the America's account for 28.2% of world internet usage) that means around 330 million people worldwide have heard of web based productivity suites like Google Doc!

They're kidding right? Google Docs was only added to Google Apps at the beginning of this year - I thought this stuff was supposed to be new.

Picked up the story from Dennis Howlett and Nick Carr.