Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Awesome ....

Movable type has just been open sourced.

Six Apart have some smart cookies.

MTOS is one of the only open source blogging tools with built-in support for an unlimited number of blogs, an unlimited number of authors, and sign-in with OpenID, with no plugins needed.

Ben and Mena were really committed to setting the standard that Movable Type would always be open

Excellent. I'll now have to move my blog to a MT SaaS provider (free or not). At least that way, I can always know that if I need to move my data - I can. Oh, as for standard? I think there is a good chance that MT will fast become that blogging platform standard and portability for blogs will be based around it.

Thanks to David for pointing this one out.


Anonymous said...

I like Moveable Type .. everytime I go and look at their product I think its fantastic and its good that its now open source but I just cant get away from the fact that its written in mod_perl !!?!(does anyone still code / want to code in perl ?)

swardley said...

Ah the old language wars. Don't worry in the next five years new developers will be responding "Java? That's what my Dad codes in". So if you look at TIOBE Perl is still in the top 10 and on par with Python. Of course, at the moment Visual Basic seems far more popular than PHP/Ruby/Python/C++ or Perl - who would have thought that? Five years ago VB was considered dead.

Anonymous said...


I'm intruiged (in a non-confrontational way) why you think the act of open sourcing the MT software will make it the de facto standard? After all Wordpress of open source, why not that? PHPNuke is open source. Why not that?

So why the confidence in MT?

swardley said...

Hi Ewan,

Not controversial at all and a good point.

I believe MT has a good chance of becoming such a defacto standard because it is still popular, no standard yet exists, the MT platform has an extensive range of features as well as support for OpenID, SixApart provides support for commercial licenses and there is also an ecosystem of MT providers.

Overall MT has the right blend of conditions to give it a good shot and most importantly the mix of open source / ecosystem of providers and commercial support for those who wish to be providers.

Had they not open sourced, then yes I believe that would have been tantamount to giving up to wordpress and its growing community in the long term.

Unknown said...

It's hard not to think that they'll go proprietary again.

I used MT for my first blog, then it closed up shop and restricted things such that I moved to Roller and then to Wordpress when I hit the challenge of running Java at GoDaddy.

Fool me once... etc.

[Of course... I preferred MT and Roller to 'Wordpress Mu' watch me eat my words someday]

swardley said...

To attempt to withdraw from the open source community and branch the system internally would be an incredibly foolish move as significant credibility would be lost. MTOS can't actually be removed if the source has been released under GPLv2 as claimed.

However, that said - I'm somewhat curious about the other license that seems to come with the code and the [now removed] page on the open source contribution policy which apparently had rights been signed over to SixApart.

More on this can be followed here

This needs to be cleared up quickly because it will raise suspicion of another legal brain fart.

The other thing that they need to be careful of, is not to send out a message that they are open sourcing MT because they want the community to support it as they've got other things to do. There were problems of support with MT in the past.

They need to take positive steps - this is at least a start.

They've got a good chance of becoming the defacto standard, they are not there yet and they can easily blow it.