Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Of mice and servants ...

Thanks to Rob for this .... 8 data principles of Open Government

Of course it is an "open" group itself? No, of course not!

Only "members" can post comments.

[Addition : Though I joined the mailing list on the 12th Dec, I was unable to post for some reason. I assumed that the membership list was restricted in some manner. It now appears that membership is open for all to join and that my original view was wrong - see comments. My apologies to the Open Government group.]

Hmmm, doesn't seem very open to me. I'm certainly not voting for you.

Openness starts at home.

Oh and on their eight principles, getting the data is great but if you don't know what it means and how it was collected then it really is rather useless - even if it is machine readable, free of license etc.