Monday, October 08, 2007

Audio --

Still waiting for the audio, so the video will be a bit later.

In the meantime I've posted the slides with slideshare. For some reason the encoding they use has messed up a few slides and the transcript is just gobbledygook and I can't seem to find a way of removing it.

I note that they use S3 - and for some reason this crashed my preview in blogger - oh well. Still at least it's a fairly easy way of getting slides up, though not quite as easy as video.


Unknown said...

I'm waiting to see the video. You're much more entertaining with audio.

This weekend I was setting up XBMC to stream video files off my laptop onto my TV, and the only video I had on there while playing around with this was your ignite presentation. Yes, this meant I spent most of yesterday with a giant image of Devil-Brady on my TV.

BTW: When embedding videos/slides in blogs it's best to indicate in the text that you're doing so, because the video etc isn't included in the RSS feed, so those of us reading via our newsreaders otherwise scratch our heads a lot.

swardley said...

Hi Mark,

Good to hear from you ... and thanks for the comment. I just didn't think about the RSS feed.



Richard Majece said...

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