Thursday, October 04, 2007

With thanks ...

Just finished my talk at FOWA, I'll upload the presentation tomorrow.

Before I do, I just want to say thanks to two masters of public speaking - Robert 'r0ml' Lefkowitz and Damian Conway.

Any small skill which I have in this field, I have learned from these fine speakers and I would encourage anyone, who has the chance, to listen to them.

I'm a great believer that plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. So when it come to defining a new computing term, rather than using the neologism, fungitility, I took Robert's advice:-

instead of using words which already have common uses, we should dig up archaic words which might or might not have related meaning and just use those, since no one knows what they mean anyway and it makes you sound erudite to use them.

So Patration it is. Obviously, everyone knows that patration means “the freedom and portability to move from one service provider to another without hinderance or boundaries"

Thank you Robert and thank you Damian.

Also thanks to Ryan, Simon, Lisa, Mel and Dan who made my attendance at FOWA such a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Simon, that was a rocking presentation you gave yesterday. Really entertaining, insightful and also relevant to some stuff I'm working on. It was also really refreshing to see a presentation by someone who could actually *engage* with their audience...

Are you available to give this presentation again sometime?


Anonymous said...

Really great presentation, I hope to see the benefits filtering through to the ducks soon.

opposition radio said...

great stuff simon.

nice meeting you and chatting at the tube.

I look forward to following your thoughts about the web and ducs.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your presentation at FOWA - and I'm now on a mission to spread the word: Patration!

Glimjaur said...

I really enjoyed your presentation, it was inspiring and fun. Had a great time, hope to see you again!

swardley said...

Thank you very much for all your kind comments. I feel it is a real privilege to be given the opportunity to speak, and hence I put in a huge effort into these talks. These comments mean a lot to me personally - so thank you very much.

Mike, as for your question on whether I'd be available to give this presentation again - I'd be delighted to. I normally talk about commoditisation of IT, commoditisation of manufacturing processes through 3D printing, emerging technology trends and methodologies for managing CA / CODB activities.

I'll upload the presentation tomorrow - I was planning to do this today, but today has been a little hectic.

Once again, thank you all.

Tom said...

I agree - it was great, fun and thought provoking. It's a gift to see things in a big picture.
I've been thinking about these issues lately, and things You've said helped me a lot, thanks.
Was it the first time You were giving this particular presentation?

Anonymous said...

Best presentation of the conference.

swardley said...

The origins of this presentation started with two pieces of work I undertook about six years ago.

One was on the future impact of 3D printing and the commoditisation of the manufacturing process, the other was the use of worth based development techniques. The ideas had been rattling around my head for about a decade but that was the first chance to start bringing them together.

The first real public discussion about these ideas for me was at Euro 2004 - where I ran small sessions on both topics.

The result was a much broader framework and I've been using this as the basis of my presentations for the last year or two.

This is still just the tip of the iceberg. The full topic covers over areas such as :-

* The commoditisation of the manufacturing process through 3D printing.

* The future of development languages - SpimeScript and the mix of physical and digital.

* The need for open hardware.

* The dynamic vs static nature of CA vs CODB and the methodologies needed to manage this.

* The concept of worth based development and IT finance.

* The problem with ROI.

* The problem with patents.

These are all intertwined subjects connected by the spread of the "open" meme and commoditisation.

I'm giving a similar talk at web 2.0 Berlin - it's a 50 minute talk, so I'll get a chance to show some of the wider issues as well.

450 slides should just about do it.

Thanks again for the kind comments - much appreciated.

Mel Kirk said...

I've heard nothing but praise for your presentations - you went down a storm.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed FOWA, it makes all of the hardwork worthwhile when we get that kind of feedback.

Keep up the great work Simon!

Mel :)

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