Friday, October 26, 2007

FOWA - Video

Mel and Ryan from Future of Web Apps have sorted me out the audio, so I've uploaded the video below.

I'm going to be giving a re-run of the talk at a small event called TEN (a mix of Cambridge and London based geeks) organised by Rufus Evison and John Woods. It's in London on Wednesday 31st at 6pm at the Pitcher and Piano, 42 Kingsway, just near Holborn Tube. It's fairly informal and limited in size, but you're welcome to turn up - just ping us an email and I'll ask them to add you to the invite list.

I'll also cover some of themes which I'm going to explore at Web 2.0 Berlin.


Unknown said...

Hi Simon, I watched your - close to brilliant - presentation during FOWA London and I'm glad you've decided to combine audio and slides into one videomix. I've been trying to explain to people why I liked your stuff so much, but that seemed impossible. I always ended up saying 'you should have been there to understand'.

So now I can finally show friends and collegues what I mean with presenting 2.0 :-)

Th@nx for the by far most entertaining 30 minutes I've experienced in a long time ... euh ... businesswise that is.


swardley said...

Hi Emiel,

Thanks for the comment - I'm well known as a fairly nervous speaker, so this is much appreciated.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and I do hope you found it useful.


Chris Adams said...

Hi Simon,

I was advised to seek out your presentation from a friend of mine who went to FOWA, and I'm happy I did - I found it immensely entertaining and informative.

Thanks for posting it online.


Richard Majece said...

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