Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bloody hell it's cold ...

Just got back from lake Como - wonderfully spectacular views and warm weather.

There has been lots of interesting news recently regarding the HaaS market. Of note is the the announcement by the DMTF of the Open Virtual Machine Format aimed at becoming an industry standard for portable virtual machines between one environment and another. Excellent.

According to Dr. Stephen Herrod, Vice President of Technology Development at VMware "End users and software vendors have been clear that they need to be able to leverage standards such as OVF and avoid proprietary formats and licensing that lock them to a single vendor or platform"

The future utility computing markets take another step forward.

However, before I start with my general posts, I thought I'd share this video which made me howl with laughter.

Now to go find some matches and put the fire on, it's damn cold in Blighty at the moment.