Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Something I'm watching ....

I've posted before about a future world of news where I get to decide whom I listen to. An "old guard" being replaced via the Stentorocracy with a "new guard".

There are lots of nominees for this "new guard" and they don't have to be the all encompassing monoliths of the past. An example for me is Vincent Camara and the team at intruders TV

Now I'm biased of course, Vincent recently interviewed me at open coffee (Saul Klein's event which is making waves). It was just too much fun.

However I'm also biased towards, Viddler (thanks to Colin for the mention) and Talis but the reality is they among others others are all forging new channels of news.

Surely being biased is what it is all about? I should choose whatever news sources I want, the one's I trust, I'm interested in - you can choose your own.

That's why I was really interested in bubbletop. It's worth watching the video.

Search on RSS feeds, tagging of feeds and items, recommendation to others, search over community ... ah the tools I need to search through the Stentorocracy and find what I want.

Guess who controls it? Me. Oooh, I like that. It's a start.

The other bit ... is they hint at making it an open platform ... now, that's smart