Thursday, May 31, 2007

And the winner is ...

In the Netherlands, the inventors of the Big Brother franchise are producing a reality show in which a terminally ill woman will give away one of her kidneys to the winning contestant.

Now I can understand the need to spread awareness of a deficit of organs and the need for more donors. I also applaud the woman for offering to be a donor.

But really, is this the best way? Making a medical decision based upon a contestant's history, profile and SMS advice from viewers? Prioritising entertainment value over medical need?

This is a disturbing development and I doubt society will be a winner in the long term. What next?

TV Auctions on hospital services? For those NTNON fans out there, remember ...

Any advance on double pneumonia?

Deep depression!

Deep depression for the man on the window ledge.

Any advance on deep depression? Any advance?

And the winner is ... well not us.