Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stats u like ... and some you shouldn't

Check out Swivel

Some interesting and some very scary data, see:-


Anonymous said...

Luckily, correlation does not prove causation.

Where's the button that shows number of pirates verses temperature?

swardley said...

I thought it was an inverse correlation between piracy and global warming?

I agree Mark, correlation does not prove causation - that's why I note it as scary data nothing more.

However given that a large chunk of our modern economy is carbon based and that there is a causal link between CO2 emissions and global temperature - you could certainly infer a weak causal link between carbon based economic growth and growth in GDP and growth in average Global temperature.

Global temperature and GDP would be merely manifestations of the change in the carbon based economic system.

You could also argue for a link between temperature and GDP at the extremes.

Which given the implications to our society ... is rather scary.

Unlike pirates ... who are scary but not life threatening.

Unless you meet one.