Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A sad day ...

Arrived at E-Tech on Saturday.

Currently suffering some knock-on effects of jet lag - I still owe a post for Jenny on some of the questions she raised regarding my views of enterprise 2.0 (I'll do that soon).

I also need to get a name for my blog - noticed that Bob has switched.

First day of E-Tech has been good, the O'Reilly executive briefing has lived upto expectations with some interesting conversations from energy to fabbing to wall street and to infrastructure.

I was even pulled on stage by Tim for an impromptu talk on fabrication - great.

There is however one piece of shocking news. Kathy Sierra has had to pull out because of death threats. This is a very sad day and my support and thoughts are with Kathy.


Unknown said...

The news about Kathy Sierra sucks. An attack like this is both a horrific personal attack but also an affront to, and an attack on, all.

James - who had seen Kathy speak before - recommended her talk to me at EuroOSCON last year and I found it immensely useful. You know all user based stuff I've been continually pushing for and getting into Zimki? That talk - and following up on Kathy's blog, and reading her recommended reading list - is where I got my ideas from. I really would have liked you to see the keynote, though I can't blame Kathy for pulling out.

swardley said...

I think I first met Kathy at ETech 05 and heard her talk the following year.

She is a wonderful speaker, and it a great loss that she is not here, but most importantly she is a person and she doesn't deserve this. No-one does.

I'm very grateful for you and the others who are constantly pushing for user improvements in Zimki.