Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nissan Bliss

Well, we had our first small (and I mean small) glitch with our Nissan car. We called the garage they said "bring it in, we'll fix it and lend you a courtesy car".

Can we get an automatic? Sure no problem.

So we trotted off to the garage (near work), and were told they might be able to fix it in a day. If they could then we wouldn't need a courtesy car. They offered to give us a call later, if they weren't going to finish they'd have a car waiting.

We were happy and left for work.

Later on we get the call. They'd fixed everything.

So we go along to the garage and lo' and behold they had fixed everything, and cleaned the car, and pumped up the tires and given it a good checking over.

So with baited breath we waited for the bill. When I used to drive a Mercedes it often felt like a few hundred pounds would disappear just for the Mercedes dealership to notice the car - it gives me the shudders just to think about some of the bills which came in for the actual work.

So tentatively we asked - "How much?"

"Nothing, it's all part of the service."

Gasp! Really? Wow... Gosh.

What a fabulous company Nissan is. I know I've waxed on lyrically about how amazing they are, well they keep on outdoing themselves with their stunningly good customer service.

The car is incredibly reliable (and enjoyable and fab and ... I could carry on) but you almost wish it wasn't so damn good just so you could enjoy more of this customer service - that's an amazing experience to create.

Hats off to them - Fantastic company, Fantastic cars.

British built too! It's enough to make you proud.