Friday, March 17, 2006

Things happens at O'Reilly

More often than not, whenever I come back from an O'Reilly conference, I seem to go and kick start a crazy project.

At the last EuroFoo, frustrated at not having a 3D printer, I set off with the idea of building one. A group of us got together and worked up an ice based concept using an old fridge, a vodka medium and a cannabalised inkjet. Fortunately James Duncan refined this concept to chocolate and lego, and then with a few others who were working for me at that time, set about making this. It got slashdotted and went to Foo - Fotango's first 3D printer.

Well, this time on the way back from ETech - I saw an advert for a robotic chimpanzee. Naturally a somewhat mad "spime" like monkey concept came into being which was shared, refined and then taken to new levels of insanity with the help of Greg McCarroll.

The monkey will be here in about four weeks - I'll post more details on the horror we will create, as we go along.