Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sterling's Spimes

Life is being very distracting as usual - the new company product, my various research projects, the ducks (we now have fifteen) and the maths degree (all in pursuit of my MAMScMPhilMBA - a dumb way of educating myself I know!) - I need to get my own attention economy information market up and running.

However, I did find time to read Bruce Sterling's book - "Shaping Things" last night.

The books covers a future set of things called "Spimes" which in my language are nodes or collision points between the physical and digital world. It discusses the reasons for the emergence of such things, the society in which they will develop and exist within as well as potential economics

It would be easy to take pot shots at the book, the main concepts could be more rigorously defended but that's not the point - it's a window on a much greater body of change

The beauty of this work, is that it crystallises many distinct areas into one coherent theme and provides a new vocabulary for this.

The themes put forward by Bruce are one's I firmly believe in, and he has done an outstanding job of this. It is warming to see such views put forward, having personally received ridicule and utter disbelief at these concepts.

I'm very grateful for this book, and I would recommend anyone with an interest in future technology and change to read it.