Saturday, August 09, 2014

From ecosystems to open source to force multipliers - I've been a silly billy.

I've done numerous different talks over the last decade often with the same title - it's an old joke of mine. These talks have covered everything from the use of IT as weapon, to open source, to manipulation of markets and the importance of ecosystems and platform plays. Yes, there's a lot of common memes throughout. But in looking back, I realised that almost all the talks could have been improved if I had simply introduced mapping. 

The reason why I didn't do this before was because I didn't think it was important preferring instead to use other graphical means. It was purely by accident that I discovered that people didn't understand mapping which followed a rampage on my part to explain it to everyone. Silly billy.

Anyhow when I compare the videos from ...

PRE the accidental realisation (i.e. just before)

2010 - OSCON

2011 - STRATA

POST the accidental realisation (i.e. just after)

2013 - Alfesco Summit

2014 - OSCON

I can see now that not talking about mapping earlier and focusing purely on the economic patterns was a mistake. Note to self - must do better next time and stop assuming everyone knows this stuff. In my defence for those earlier presentations, the concept of mapping was probably too much of a leap and some of the presentations do actually contain mapping constructs - I just didn't explain it properly.

By the way more slides and details on mapping are provided here