Friday, November 22, 2013

Good things come in threes ...

First, an excellent post by +Bernard Golden on AWS vs CSP which reminds me of the whole "Innovation" debate. Key to the process of commoditisation is the formation of standard interfaces providing good enough commodity components and then innovation moving above (new things that are built) and below the interface (operational efficiency).

Second, another excellent post but this time by +Geoff Arnold on "Whither Openstack?"

Lastly, a great quote on Enterprise Cloud by Jack Clark  "It's a marketing term. No one has ever convinced me otherwise."

So, I couldn't resist. From an old presentation in 2010 (without the typo).

The Demand.

The Answer

The problem is that what people want is the benefits of efficiency and agility created through volume operations and commodity components but they don't want to occur the cost associated with co-evolution of practice (i.e. N+1 to design for failure, scale up to scale out etc). So they want the new but provided like the old hence avoiding any need to re-architect the legacy. 

It doesn't work like that and why the term "Enterprise Cloud" can be so misleading. A better choice of words is still virtual data centre (VDC).