Monday, April 08, 2013

For whom the bell tolls ...

As a sign of respect for the passing of another life and a probably much loved member of another family, I'll keep this simple. Margaret Thatcher was probably one of the most divisive individuals in UK politics in the last hundred years.

However beyond the hum drum of her refusal to allow sanctions against Apartheid, the labelling of the ANC as a terrorist organisation, the violence brought against miner's and their community, the abolition of free school milk, the poll tax, the decimation of our industrial and manufacturing base, the loosening of credit and financial de-regulation providing the background to today's lamentable financial position, the introduction of monetarist policies and Friedmanism, the support for Pinochet, the privatisation of infrastructural services and natural monopolies, the destruction of our culture, the pursuit of wealth for wealth's sake and the growth of casino capitalism, the erosion of education, the bombing of Libya, the demonisation of teachers, reduced expenditure on social services such as housing, the increasing social tension leading to the riots, significant increases in unemployment, reduction of the power of trade unions, the rise of social problems related to poverty and rapidly declining social mobility, her work as a geopolitical consultant for the tobacco industry ... she didn't do that badly.

Tonight, I'll raise a glass to the Iron Lady for whom the bell has tolled.

The passing of an era.


Guy said...

What have the Romans ever done for us, eh?

Unknown said...

Don't forget the extrajudicial executions (her shoot-to-kill policy) in Northern Ireland.

Her motto of "Crime, is crime, is crime" went only one way, it seems.

Unknown said...

Btw, your commenting systems here is appalling - it took me a full 7 attempts to get the previous comment published.

I understand there is an issue with blog comment spam, but pushing the onus of keeping your blog spam-free back on your readers/commenters is lazy and disrespectful.

swardley said...

Hi Tom,

Sorry about that, I think I've just used whatever the default is on blogger ... I'll go check.

Unknown said...

No worries Simon - I was feeling a bit grumpy when I wrote that - apologies for being less that diplomatic.

Having said that, the point stands that it is really difficult to leave a blog on your blog (unless you have a Blogger account) - the WordPress authentication doesn't work.