Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A useful lesson

Most of my work and research deals with complex (as in non-linear) approaches to management and how this can be effectively used. However, it is dangerous to assume that someone would willingly exchange a simple but ineffective tool for a more effective yet complex one.

More often than not, people prefer a simple and easy life. This was quite neatly (and candidly) explained to me a week ago.

"I understand we could manage things better but it is not important as everyone else is in the same boat. We only need to get better at this when everyone else does. Organisations might be nothing more than people and activities but they are managed by people. As a manager, I ask myself, how does this help me and how does this make my life easier. My staff are no different and that's the issue you need to be looking at. The company is not the important factor here and you need to forget about alignment, effectiveness and all that. If you want to sell these ideas then you need to look at how this can benefit the individual and help them achieve their personal goals and targets."

If you want to sell a concept or an idea to company, it is important to remember that companies don't buy stuff, people do.

Make sure you focus on their needs first.