Sunday, March 09, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 Summit at Cebit

The Enterprise 2.0 Summit at CeBIT was the first conference that I've moderated. Wow, was I nervous.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, the speakers were truly fantastic, the audience wonderful and the organisers Bjoern Negelmann and Kongress Media had done a fantastic job.

I was also given the opportunity to give the opening and closing talks. So I've made a video of each (I've just re-recorded them as I don't have audio from the conference itself.).

Opening Talk

Closing Talk


Anonymous said...

You really were nervous? There was not a single sign of that visible. We really enjoyed the way you hosted the conference and your presentations got us hooked. I scanned the whole internet for them and am already looking forward to the 80 minute / 800 slide version (yes, i saw the draft *g*).

I watched the 45 minute version together with my wife. She's not an IT person like me... and still watched the complete video from . Maybe because she and her whole family are into ducks as well. Don't believe me? I'll point you to Flickr once i have them photographed.

I'm sure Carsten will get back to you as well very soon (we were the two guys talking with Jenny at the end of the party *g*)... I guess he will be using the typekey of a new project in the "social applications" field we are starting for our german customers. We try to develop that as open as possible... unusual for IT Consultants... CaaS maybe *g*

Best Wishes from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Simon, as always you were a source of inspiration and your messages brilliant. You and Kongress Media did a fabulous job and I'm still trying to gather my learnings from the event and the people with really interesting initiatives (like Jorg and Carsten) with whom I had rich conversations. Meanwhile I blogged mentioning your "STRUCTURACTION" and look forward to seeing you unfold that.
Great work. Jenny

swardley said...

Jörg, thank you for taking the time to make such wonderful comments. It is very much appreciated.

I'm also glad to hear that I'm not alone in my appreciation of things most fowl. Ducks are wonderful.

I look forward to talking with you again.


Simon W

swardley said...

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for such kind comments, however the event was made by the people who attended. You were truly fabulous.

As for "structuraction", the interaction between organisational structure and the actions of individuals, this is an old term and certainly not mine.

From Giddens, the constitution of society:
"Organisational structures have no reality except in the way that the are instantiated in activity or retained mentally as remembered codes of conduct or rights to resources"

My interest is how structuration influences the process of innovation. Especially when you consider the paradox of innovation as expressed by Salaman and Storey:
"The pressing need for survival in the short term requires efficient exploration of current competencies and requires ‘coherence, coordination and stability’; whereas exploration / innovation requires the discovery and development of new competencies and this requires the loosening and replacement of these erstwhile virtues"

swardley said...

An error.

I was wondering why "structuraction" was such a new term.

The reason why it is such a new term, is that it's a misspelling of "structuration"