Thursday, April 12, 2007

My voice, your voice ... our voice.

The market is changing, and conversation is becoming as or if not more important than product. It's all about our experience or relationship with something and that isn't just the thing itself.

This is one of the reasons why I believe that the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 like technologies is inevitable. As a company you need to become the canonical source of information about your product, warts and all, otherwise you run the risk of someone else becoming that voice.

Then again, why not allow someone else to become that voice? If you can build a community around your product, why not let that community set your direction?

With Zimki we wanted to build a forum, but we also have to get ready for the open sourcing of Zimki, there is also the documentation to get written, and this feature and that feature and so on, oh yes - we also need to provide more tools, improve the IDE etc.

We're only a small company, the team are doing an amazing job but we have a huge number of projects to manage and many things we need to improve.

So, I am very grateful to Joel for creating the unofficial Zimki forum

Thank you Joel.

Hopefully when we get to OSCON and the open sourcing of Zimki, we will find others willing to help create this idea of an open utility computing environment with much less Yak-shaving and moveable applications.

So it is truly encouraging that people are already starting to help.